the warmth of life without you

I sleep with the windows open

and so it comes in

the delightful sound of the wind

soundtrack to the silent sleep

filled at worst with nightmares

of days which are left behind

bound to live forever

at the edge of oblivion.

I sleep on my side of the bed

and I tremble softly from nightmares

of days I can’t forget

nightmares that are for once

day by day

faintly easier to awaken from.

I tremble and so often I land

across the bed, miles away

on the soft coldness

of where little before you

slept your dreamless sleeps

and for a second I shiver

and my heart stops at the gelid covers

the sweet wind outside

so kindly kissing each side of my face

and I awaken,

from the cold,

my heart in my trembling hand,

and I shiver but never weep,

alone with the whisper of winter

I hold my heart so dearly,

and I breathe in the warmth

of cold nights like this

the unmistakable warmth

of life without you.

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